For retailers and businesses

Your apps
integrated as a service.

Reduce manual tasks and free up time
Get started quickly with retail experts
Optimize the customer journey and sell more
Zero startup-fee.

Say goodbye to inadequate integrations and troublesome coordination between app providers.
Weavo fully integrates your applications, so you get the most out of them.
- Delivered as a service.

For those who wish to create integrations themselves rather than having them delivered as a service, you can now get started easier than ever thanks to Weavo Liquid Loom!

Launching soon!
For low code developers

Build low code integrations like a breeze with Liquid

Super simple and powerful conversion between file formats.
Json <-> Xml <-> Csv.
Generate Liquid template code using AI - Free!
Simplify your flows in Microsoft PowerAutomate and Azure Logic App, using Liquid templates.
Try for free 30 days! No credit card needed.
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Weavo is a new company with experienced people.

Weavo is a new company with highly experienced people from the retail, ERP and tech industry.
Our Integration-as-a-Service offering is powered by our proprietary technology, the Liquid Loom generator and connector. We are committed to continuous improvement and development of these components, which are designed to be user-friendly for any low-code developer.

For retailers and businesses

We have a simple and fast process.

We quickly familiarize ourselves with the business needs and find a quick and flexible plan together with you so that you get value early. We then build further together with you to optimise.

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1. We meet

We meet online or physically where you explain what you want to achieve and what the app landscape looks like today.

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2. Plan

We will get back to you with a proposed solution and agree on possibly different phases with functionalities. Think big, start small ;)

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3. Low-code

With the help of our Low-code tool, we link the applications together. Often things appear that need to be changed here, and then we do it quickly and flexibly with you.

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4. Live!

We test together with you and verify that things work as they should. Then it's live

5. We monitor

We monitor and make sure that the integrations work.

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